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qemu-kvm has disappeared. use the hint in start qemu by giving it a path to a linux root instead. this means qemu-system-x86_64 -usb -usbdevice disk:/dev/sdb where /dev/sdb is your raw device (not partition) of the usb stick that you want to boot. (however, as of 12/2014, it's been flaky for me. booting ubuntu-gnome 14.10 results eventually in a ...


Well the flash has been simply locked by its internal mechanisma, and the manufacturer of the flash just replaced it. So step-by-step navigator follows: I wrote the same letter to the company's support and got the answer in which they said that: Write protection happens to prevent data loss from a potential fault. We recommend to backup your data ...


Probably the most useful and easy software is http://unetbootin.net/ it's cross platform and can download ISO images from distro sites.


I would suggest to check the MBR partition table, to see maybe you have a problem in the physical drive mapping. There are few websites and tools, where you can just paste the contents of your mbr, and they will analyze it for you. Also, make sure your USB is not bootable (run fdisk /dev/sdX, press p and check that no partition has the bootable flag on) To ...


Try sudo umount -v /run/media/Harry/2030-0761. If it says "device busy", try lsof /run/media/Harry/2030-0761; this will show applications that have something in the filesystem open. It will likely be shells and file browsers. Check those and navigate out of the filesystem and try umount again. If that doesn't work, since you've said you intended to ...


You can use a tool called Linux Live USB Creator (this is to create the USB from Windows). It will create a live USB and will let you specify a space for permanent data that will be kept from run to run. This is called the Persistence File. Or you can create a the whole system in your USB. The way I did that was installing Debian on a machine (I think you ...


To do so you should choose the mount point as / and /boot as your pen drive while installation. And while booting the os choose the USB pen drive as a booting media.

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