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Use the command below to find the machine down time. uprecords The time which is not show shown in the list is the reboot time.


The first field of /proc/uptime is your friend for when (go read it with cat /proc/uptime). It's a running count of seconds that your system has been up. The second field of that file is how many cpuseconds have been idle on your system (divide it by the number of CPUs listed in /proc/cpuinfo in that system to get actual seconds). # if your awk is new ...


First of all, crtime is tricky on Linux. That said, running something like $ stat -c %z /proc/ 2014-10-30 14:00:03.012000000 +0100 or $ stat -c %Z /proc/ 1414674003 is probably exactly what you need. The /proc file system is defined by the LFS standard and should be there for any Linux system as well as for most (all?) UNIXen. Alternatively, ...

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