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See this ServerFault answer: after updating with apt-get, you can check for the presence of /var/run/reboot-required. You didn't mention what operating system distribution you're using, so you may want to double check that your distribution does indeed behave this way.


Just copy the sshd to the embedded device with tftp. For e.g. at /usr/bin/sshd and execute it. Then try connecting to the embedded device.


There was no alternative as mintUpdate.py was GUI (gtk) only until I decided to write one. I described it in my blog - Linux Mint Update CLI You can find there link to gitHub as well. I will publish some screenshots as well.


There is an old script which does a really good job; it is called safepac. What does it do and how does it work? The way I usually update Arch is to read the news and then do pacman -Syu, or to just do pacman -Syu and if anything goes wrong, read the news. Now this script does nothing else: It gets the latest news entries from the RSS feed, does ...

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