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I tried the same commands and got the same results. $ printf "\u2318" | convert -size 100x100 label:@- \ -font unifont-Medium command.png ...


iconv -f utf8 -t latin1 should fix it. For example: echo 'C3 83 C2 B3' | xxd -p -r ; echo # ³ is C2 B3; suspect typo in your question ó # confirms xxd -p -r works echo 'C3 83 C2 B3' | xxd -p -r | iconv -f utf8 -t latin1 ; echo ó ...


First of all, you can just use Persian Fonts instead :-). As described Persian Script is an adaption of arabic script. To search for fonts which could match you can use: $ otfinfo -s FreeFarsi.ttf arab Arabic or for all fonts: $ otfinfo -s *.ttf *.otf FreeFarsi-BoldItalic.ttf:DFLT Default FreeFarsi-BoldItalic.ttf:arab Arabic ...


You could try a program like gnome-specimen which shows the text you choose rendered in the different fonts. If you en ter text with persian glyphs you should be able to locate a font that handles them:     Image shamelessly stolen from @derobert's answer.

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