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Yes that is possible. You can directly cat a file to a printer like that and go around using CUPS. Whether the result is what you expect depends on the content of the file and the make and model of the printer.


Use enca,and find Install enca $apt-get install enca execute below command $ enca filename


That suggests the screen that you're attaching your session to thinks your terminal is not in UTF-8. It thinks for instance (if it assumes the charset is iso-8859-1 instead) that 0xc3 coming from the terminal device means a Ã. The screen session, however is running in UTF-8 (screen is a terminal emulator that can be attached to different types of ...


screen has an option for running in UTF-8 mode: -U Run screen in UTF-8 mode. This option tells screen that your terminal sends and understands UTF-8 encoded characters. It also sets the default encoding for new windows to `utf8'.


You should have something like: text/plain application/postscript 33 texttops in your /etc/cups/mime.convs file. So, I suppose that what needs to be done is to fix the texttops filter. Under Debian, it is /usr/lib/cups/filter/texttops, which is a shell script that uses the texttopdf filter and the pdf2ps command. You can try to replace ...


I had the same problem and following how-to helped me to fix it: http://www.bsmdevelopment.com/Reference/Tech_20130004.html It's really good. You can even choose a font for text/plain printing like FreeMono or Courier. Cheers,


I don't know if you consider HPLIP an external dependency, but here is the official driver recommendation directly from CUPS. CUPS Printer Driver: HP4650 and Here is the Package info in the Debian Repo:HPLIPS As Thushi states your system doesn't know how to rasterize the document without using a tool like paps. Installing the hplip package and ...


The same can be done with paps; #!/bin/bash #This script converts UTF-8 txt to postscript paps | lpr Sometimes you need to specify the prinqueue; #!/bin/bash # This script converts UTF-8 txt to postscript paps | lpr -P lj Paps does a much better job then cups' texttops.

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