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Most programs create files without the execute bits set (0666 == -rw-rw-rw-). Execute bits are pretty much only set by the compiler, during installation of an executable, or manually by the user. Then the umask is applied, to determine the actual permissions. create 0666 rw-rw-rw- umask 0222 r-xr-xr-x effective 0444 r--r--r-- Note that it's not ...


Wiki has a good description of umask. A 0 bit means whatever the creating process specifies goes through, while 1 means it doesn't. So '222' means ignore the write premissions for user, group and others, but keep the read and execute bits. In your example, whatever created newfile didn't set the execute bit (generally when you create a new file you don't ...


I still don't quite understand how they work but after testing a little bit more I found that the following actually worked for what I wanted: create mask = 0664 force create mode = 0664 directory mask = 0775 force directory mode = 0775 I'll us this for now... Let me know if you have an alternative that makes more sense.


First set unix permission for users,better if use acl for example you want to share pubblica with permission of 770 only for group "domain users" in smb.conf [Pubblica] comment = Dir pubblica browseable = yes public = yes path = /var/pubblica writable = yes force create mode = 0660 force directory mode = 0770 valid users = @"Domain ...

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