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I would use the install tool to copy from NTFS. install -m644 file1 ... fileN destination_directory


You could use a script for your own user-defined cp command that checks file extensions and uses chmod appropriately... You could do something simple like: (using install rather than cp chmod as per @fd0. That's smarter anyway.) #!/bin/bash args=("$@") dest="${args[@]:(-1)}" unset args[${#args[@]}-1] if [ ! -d "$dest" ]; then echo "Please specify a ...


To get you started - from the OPEN(2) man page (man -S2 open) : O_CREAT If the file does not exist it will be created. The owner (user ID) of the file is set to the effective user ID of the process. The group ownership (group ID) is set either to the effective group ID of the process or to the group ID of ...

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