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I got this working a few months back and if my memory serves, here is a good guide to help you out. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Internet_sharing


If you understand what is going on in X11 forwarding, you will know that it is not so simple as described in the answer from @yaegashi. X11 forwarding is creating another layer under the ssh and it can't be chained as normal terminal data streams. But you are able to do it using port forwarding: Based on this blog post, which does it as hardcoding in shell ...


Why doesn't that solution with ProxyCommand work for X11 forwarding? I think you can directly reach mum's computer with X11 forwarding using the following configuration. Host mum ProxyCommand ssh -q -W localhost:1993 login@vps0 ForwardX11 yes


Second case is very useful in situation when example.com can connect to [google.com] host while your box can't. For example, you have VPN connection which is restricted to a number of boxes, while you want to access host not in list. ssh -L 123:target.host.com:456 user@vpn.host.com. So, basic usage is to jump INSIDE the network or jump OUTSIDE the network ...

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