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You'll need two tsocks.conf, one for each SOCKS server and then use them as: TSOCKS_CONF_FILE=~/.tsocks-A.conf tsocks some-cmd and TSOCKS_CONF_FILE=~/.tsocks-B.conf tsocks some-cmd Alternatively, if the SOCKS servers support SOCKS4A or SOCKS5, you could use dante's socksify instead of tsocks and use host names if they have different ...


Firstly, you may be able to do everything, all of it through SSH config files. This is especially true if you're just SSHing to the end machines. See the SSH multihop config. With appropriately established SSH configs you could just assign destination names and type ssh servera or ssh serverb, instead of having to set up an SSH tunnel and then type tsocks ...


I have set the LD_PRELOAD manually to and worked good, I think this may be a bug. export LD_PRELOAD=''


I suspect mailx is configured to use sendmail so tsocks is redundant here. What happens if you omit it? tsocks may actually be in the way - if you don't have a rule in /etc/tsocks.conf to bypass the proxy for the loopback interface it could send the message to the proxy when it shouldn't.

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