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If you want to remove files for locales which don't interest you (or anything else for that matter), you should tell dpkg about it: that way not only will debsums stop complaining about them, but dpkg won't even install them in the first place. Here's what I have, in /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/locales: # Drop locales except English and French ...


Reinstall gdm3. Just run apt-get purge gdm3 && apt-get install gdm3


If you can't login or su to a root user, the two remaining options are Boot from rescue media, and repair the damage Boot from installer, reinstall the system, then restore data from backups


Start with the application logs (if available). Then check the system logs (ie. /var/adm/messages, /var/cron/log if launched by cron, /var/svc/log/ in case of service etc.). If the process is maintained by SMF, check svcs -xv and appropriate logs. Also have a look if coreadm is configured to create core dumps for crashing processes. Note that core dumps are ...

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