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UPDATE So, I really didn't think I would be researching NTFS this morning, but, thanks mostly to @AndrewMedico's comments below, I learned something. The truth is file streams are weird, and they confuse me, but apparently it gets deeper. Behaving in a way very like NTFS file streams, Transactional NTFS commits file changes to some alternate cache until ...


If you look at these lines in your top output: Mem: 1016284k total, 1008232k used, 8052k free, 580k buffers Swap: 2096440k total, 2095168k used, 1272k free, 9872k cached you've run out of both RAM and swap. I suspect if you watch vmstat 10 output, you'll see the machine is dying from thrashing. A machine running MySQL and Apache ...

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