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A likely reason for the difference is that by default Window's tracert uses ICMP, whereas Linux traceroute defaults to UDP. Using the -I option for traceroute should produce the same results as tracert: traceroute -w 10 -I google.it From the traceroute documentation: In the modern network environment the traditional traceroute methods can not be ...


From your output, you are not able to reach the destination. The * denotes a timeout. traceroute command shows the path to your destination. packets send to will pass through the routers and you receive a response obeying the time to live (TTL) value for each packets. the * denotes a timeout as a response from the intermediate routers that says the packet ...


When you echo $a, the shell does "word splitting" and all significant whitespace is lost. Try echo "$a" with double quotes. Quoting will also ensure filename expansion does not occur. See http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Shell-Expansions

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