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The answer is to set the destroy-unattached option for extra grouped sessions. From my ~/.bashrc: # Connect/create tmux grouped session automatically. ...


I'v found a solution. It appears that ttygif allows You to use a starting command with flag -e So it's enough to do ttyrec file_name -e "tmux a" Or in my case record-session -e "tmux a -t my_session"


There are more than one solutions here: Use tmux-logging plugin. Use a .bash_profile to log the output to a script. If you want to use record-session you can always use tmuxinator to setup the ENV and run the commands. There are probably more ways to do it, but best way IMHO would be to use the plugin.


You did not specify the distribution you are using. I guess it is rhel/centos 5 or 6: if so, you just need to add the proper EPEL repository to your YUM configuration and then yum update yum install tmux No need to download/compile it manually.

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