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Browsing the busybox ntp sources seems to indicate that no driftfile is used, and the only options read from the conf file are the server lines.


NTP does have the ability to run without a drift file, so if one is not specified, I believe you would be running without it. from: http://doc.ntp.org/4.1.0/ntpd.htm The ntpd behavior at startup depends on whether the frequency file, usually ntp.drift, exists. This file contains the latest estimate of clock frequency error. When the ntpd is started ...


For -daystart the manual says: -- Option: -daystart Measure times from the beginning of today rather than from 24 hours ago. So, to list the regular files in your home directory that were modified yesterday, do find ~/ -daystart -type f -mtime 1 The '-daystart' option is unlike most other options in that it has an effect on ...


On OpenBSD, the following could be used to compact a */5 5-minute crontab(5) job into an 00 hourly one (to make sure fewer emails are generated, all whilst performing the same task at exact intervals): #!/bin/sh -x for k in $(jot 12 00 55) do echo $(date) doing stuff sleep $(expr $(date -j +%s $(printf %02d $(expr $k + 5))) - $(date -j +%s)) done ...

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