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The problem that you are getting might be a hardware issue the same problem what you are facing now one of my friend got. Sometime his fan isn't running and sometimes it is working fine It was happening because of dust or may be a fan issue. what I did to solve the issue. First I cleaned it with blower gun then when it wasn't started then I slightly ...


Change the BIOS from UEFI to legacy. When I did that, the USB appeared in the boot menu when restarting my computer.


On my Thinkpad X240 (same generation, similar if not same annoying clickpad), I call the following shell script in my ~/.Xsession: #!/bin/sh # Configure the X240 ClickPad # 1 finger = left click, 2 finger = right click, 3 finger = middle click synclient TapButton2=3 synclient TapButton3=2 synclient ClickFinger2=3 synclient ClickFinger3=2 # enable ...

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