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According to this kernel.org page on wireless drivers; yes you have the right driver! Whether or not a newer version (than what your distro supplies) would be better or not will depend... I have had newer versions of drivers work better but I have also had newer version work worse... So the best answer to that question IMO is another question: "Does it work ...


Graphics Analysis HD 4K Support in Kernel 3.10 and UP Device contains Code-Name IVY BRIDGE Intel HD 4K Graphics Chip. IVY Bridge should fall under the MESA DRI on LKDB. Support Options: FOSS MESA DRI Driver or Official Intel i965 Driver. Wireless Analysis MBM Ericson Chipset Support Unsure if this is within the LKDB, but packages exist here.


Use showkey to know your key scancode: $ sudo showkey -s 0xe0 0xXX Kernel will add 8 to you code, use 112 instead 120: $ sudo setkeycodes e0XX 112 Use xmodmap to make your key report XF86AudioMute keysym: $ xmodmap -e "keycode 120 = XF86AudioMute" Optional. Press you key when creating shortcut to what you want in the settings of your DE.

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