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This can be put into CRON by editing crontab -e or manually started. #!/bin/bash mkdir -p ~/Downloads/themes-mint/ mv ~/Downloads/themes-mint/ ~/Downloads/themes-mint/ mv ~/Downloads/themes-mint/ ~/Downloads/themes-mint/ wget -O ~/Downloads/themes-mint/


This is an old question so not sure if you still need the answer, but in case it helps someone else, here's what worked for me with Eclipse Mars and Fedora 24. You need to run Eclipse using GTK 2, and change the tooltip colours in your chosen GTK theme. My theme is Zukitre/ so I edited the gtkrc file here: sudo vi '/usr/share/themes/Zukitre/gtk-2.0/...


GTK 3.20 made some significant changes to the way that themes are handled. Unfortunately, the Delorean theme has not been updated to support GTK 3.20. You need to use a theme that is GTK 3.20 compliant like the Vertex or Arc themes (or petition the Delorean theme author to make the theme GTK 3.20 compliant).

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