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Per the changelog in gtk-engines-0.12/raleigh: Sat Feb 10 08:34:10 2001 Owen Taylor ............................. * started ChangeLog. I don't think it was made for a specific distro, namely Red Hat (as Owen worked/works @ Red Hat). It's a gtk theme as the README from the same package says: This is a theme engine that implements a cleaned up ...


I'm also running Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon using a theme from ppa:noobslab/themes and I found that after installing the theme, the way you describe, the theme shows up in System Settings -> Themes in the Window borders and Controls lists (though no preview is available). When selected, I need to relog for the changes to work properly, but I don't need to ...


You should try installing adwaita-manjaro-themes in octopi, or alternatively run sudo pacman -S adwaita-manjaro-themes in a terminal. Either of these should install the adwaita themes for XFCE.

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