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You have to decode the html, so pipe the output trough a decoder: With perl: $ your cammand | perl -MHTML::Entities -le 'while(<>) {print decode_entities($_);}' See the example: $ echo "Ambersand &amp; and Single quote &#39" | perl -MHTML::Entities -le 'while(<>) {print decode_entities($_);}' Ambersand & and Single quote '


stty is irrelevant. The hardware line speed set via the line discipline has no meaning for a virtual terminal if it is non-zero. It only has meaning for "terminals" that are formed with actual serial devices, because it controls the serial device line speed. There's no serial device involved in the kernel's built-in terminal emulator. ywrap is not a ...


The code would vary depending on the details, but the general approach would be: Log in to the web site (?) Download the page linking to the file using wget or curl Get the link to the pdf from the page Download the file using wget or curl Extract the text from the pdf with pdftotext from poppler-utils or similar Use grep or so to get the data you want ...


It might be possible using pdftotext: $ pdftotext -layout transaction.pdf - | grep -C1 amount 19876.0 amount paid The program is part of the poppler-utils package, which can be installed using: sudo apt-get install poppler-utils The -layout option is used to make pdftotext adhere to the PDF layout as closely as it can (otherwise the ...


I guess this has something to do with a font. In text mode different fonts are used than in X. Doing a simple googling says that it might be not possible to achieve in text mode Arch Linux forum and LFS Console


To make less run in a different encoding from the terminal's, use luit (which ships with the X11 utility suite). LANG=ru_RU.CP1251 luit less subs.srt If you want to detect the encoding automatically, that's trickier, because a text file carries no indication of its encoding. The software Enca tries to recognize the encoding of a file based on its ...


On command line, vim/tmux is probably the closest you'll come. For desktop apps, Sublime Text will restore anything opened with any changes you made (saved or no). There is a feature request here to add this to Atom, and the save-session plugin is available until such a time as it's rolled into the core (which may be never, admittedly). Edit: There is also ...

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