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Use both: A tiling window manager, and a terminal multiplexer. Combine both their capabilities and advantages to obtain an even better synergy. On my i3 setup I regularly display several terminals at the same time, but all of them connected to the same tmux session, so I can display all tmux windows in any of the terminals. In effect, I use the tiling ...


Instead of >(cmd), assuming it's cmd's stdin you wish be a tty instead of a pipe, you could try and use: >(socat -u - exec:'cmd',pty) socat would use a pseudo-tty pair and have cmd's stdin connected to the slave part ([ -t 0 ] would then return true). The pseudo-terminal will be put in raw mode, so the line discipline should not interfere with the ...


The test command runs isatty(fd) to check whether a descriptor is related to a TTY. isatty(3) is a C library function that checks whether a file descriptor allows to send terminal ioctl(2) calls to the descriptor. You therefore cannot fake the result unless you use LD_PRELOAD= to overwrite the isatty() function in the shell.


What is start-directory used for? The start-directory is used to set the initial directory of the session/window/pane. If you don't specify it, $HOME is used. Does tmux itself use start-directory for anything at all like to store temp files or anything of this nature? No Does tmux use start-directory value to set the current ...

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