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Following a comment suggested in the post I used: screen -x <session id> From the man page: screen -x -x Attach to a not detached screen session. (Multi display mode). Screen refuses to attach from within itself. But when cascading multiple screens, loops are not detected; take care. Also researching a bit I discovered other uses for ...


You should be creating screens with names. $ screen -S foo $ screen -list There are screens on: 16994.foo (03/30/15 14:05:13) (Detached) 20082.q (12/17/14 18:06:44) (Detached) 11008.w (11/12/14 10:52:43) (Detached) 1199.irc (11/12/14 01:34:40) (Detached) Then you can reattach screens with $ ...


Sure, with screen -d -r You can choose which screen to detach and reattach as usual by finding the pid (or complete name) with screen -list. screen -d -r 12345

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