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This might help, although it uses 3 other tools instead of telnet: echo 03 | xxd -r -p | nc host port


Please consider editing /etc/profile. At the bottom add: unset HISTFILE && exit for your current session. If wanting all history gone, try: rm -f $HISTFILE && unset HISTFILE && exit Killing an app is not the most graceful approach. See Quit Bash Shell Without Saving Bash History (5 Methods). Avoid #2, as this is what you ...


It's not possible to reliably test whether the terminal actually supports italics. You can, by checking the output of tput sitm or tput ritm, test whether the value of $TERM and its corresponding terminal description claims to support it – but the claim and the actual behavior might easily be out of sync in either direction. I really doubt the Linux console ...


Trying to really answer the question "why": If every window were handled by a different process, you wouldn't be able to drag-n-drop a tab from one window to another, or drop on the desktop to create a new window for that.

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