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In most terminal emulators, long command lines […] are wrapped to a new line before the user submits the command by pressing Enter. This is not a function of the terminal emulator. It is a function of your shell. Your shell is not a full-screen application, but it is doing cursor addressing. When you are editing a command line in a shell, ...


The terminal [emulator] is responsible for this. Moving to the first column of the next line is just what the terminal does after filling the last position on a line. You can easily see that it isn't the shell doing this just by entering cat and typing some long lines. Shells like bash and zsh do in fact track the cursor position and the number of columns ...


Xpra has an html5 client which works really great, even though it is in an early development phase. I do personally use it as an X11 forwarding replacement, as it spawns an X11 session and only displays single applications, just as you've described. It has a 'shadow' option as well that allows to connect to an existing session as well.

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