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Have you tried unset autolist? Test it on the command-line and if it works, add it to your ~/.tcshrc see man tcsh and search for Completion and listing for more details on completion and on what autolist does.


To display all lines except lines 35 to 45, use the delete command: sed '35,45d' /dir/file This does not alter the original file. It just excludes the line range from the output. Example Consider this test file: $ cat file 1 2 3 4 5 We can exclude lines 2 to 4 with: $ sed '2,4d' file 1 5


Use tee: users | tee file | wc -w Gives as output the number of users, and it writes a file with the users as content. The case in your question: command >file | command2 This cannot work. With >file you redirect the ouput of command to the file file and in the same the output is written to an anonymous pipe, where the command command2 reads ...


There is a command to accomplish this; it's called tee: users | tee file | wc -w PS. (External) commands do not differ between shells; input and output redirection syntax does vary.


prefix your command with the word 'command'. Ex. command ls


This works for linux: lsof -a -p $$ -d txt or, if you need a stronger selection (more systems): lsof -a +D /bin +D /usr/bin -p $$ -d txt

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