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tcsh doesn't have functions at all; so that's a negative. The general strategy is to create a separate script, and call that as an external program (for some things, like alias, a source will also work). Well, this is not really a question; I can confirm that your observations are correct :-) Adding COMP_POINT might not be difficult though; in fact, here's ...


You can't escape quotes in strings in csh. You need to switch to double-quoted strings to enter those characters: alias cdport 'cd `whereis \!^ | awk '"'"'{sub("/[^/]*$", "/", $2); print $2}'"'"'`' I've also fixed the awk script to remove the filename from the output of whereis, so you just get the directory part.


tcsh uses backticks : cd `whereis evince | awk '{print $2}'`


If you have GNU Parallel you can do: parallel -q mkdir '<name_id>'{} < list.txt Opposite xargs it deals correctly with special characters - such as <, >, ', " and space. GNU Parallel is a general parallelizer and makes is easy to run jobs in parallel on the same machine or on multiple machines you have ssh access to. Installation If GNU ...

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