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It is also possible to setup a Proxy DHCP service for PXE. Thus, the existing DHCP server does not need to be changed. A normal Linux system (e.g. a workstation) can then be used to host the preboot execution environment (PXE). Following steps are necessary to setup a PXE for net-booting a Fedora network install image (assuming also a Fedora host): Verify ...


sudo apt-get remove libreoffice orage brasero exfalso quodlibet gimp imagemagick ristretto xsane orage is an xfce4 dependency in at least Ubuntu, therefore removing orage will also remove xfce. To avoid this, verify the packages that will be removed are the ones you intended when using apt-get remove.


Fedora Server doesn't come with the packages for a graphical environment installed. It's meant to be managed remotely. If you want to add one, you can, but you'll need to do that in addition to changing the default target. Try sudo yum groupinstall basic-desktop-environment or sudo yum groupinstall xfce-desktop-environment Alternately, if really what ...


The OpenSuSE install can help you do this by resizing and creating your partitions for you. It should automatically use your swap partition. If not then you'll go to advanced partition settings when installing and have the swap partition be mounted to swap. However, if you want to free do this by hand (I would not recommend it). First umount the /dev/sda2 ...

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