Questions specific to the syslog-ng logging solution (https://syslog-ng.org/). Use this tag if your question relates to configuring or using syslog-ng, or if you'd like to know if you can solve a particular logging problem with syslog-ng.

syslog-ng allows you to flexibly collect, parse, classify, and correlate logs from across your infrastructure and store or route them to log analysis tools.

With syslog-ng, you can collect logs from any source, process them in near real-time and deliver them to a wide variety of destinations, including:

  • SQL and NoSQL databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL),
  • queuing protocols (AMQP, STOMP),
  • big data destinations (Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, HDFS),
  • and various other destinations like Graphite, Redis, Riemann, and others.
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