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Easiest way apt-get install firefox this will update to new one or which firefox this will give you path of firefox then replace the same sudo ln -fs $HOME/Desktop/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox For Ex. which firefox /usr/bin/firefox sudo ln -fs $HOME/Desktop/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox


There are two ways to fix this: You can alter your $PATH variable so that the directory where the new firefox version lives is checked before any other directory, by running the command export PATH=$HOME/Desktop/firefox:$PATH And if you add that same command to your .bashrc, all your future sessions will have the new PATH too. You can use ln to symlink the ...


Why you downloaded the version, you apparently did not install it in one of the directories in the PATH variable. When you execute simply 'firefox' it will find firefox in the first directory using the PATH directory. If you execute firefox with a more fully qualified name it will use whatever is found in that SPECIFIC directory only. The easiest thing to ...

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