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I reactivated ATI control in 'colour' section of catalyst Control Centre on my Radeon HD 3450 (Dell S2009W) (Win. Vista) graphics card. Fixed it straight away.


Classic suspend should work when you have swap partition active and by appending "resume=/dev/sda2" to your kernel command line, where /dev/sda2 should be replaced by path of your swap partition. Then, suspending is usually done: echo shutdown >/sys/power/disk echo disk >/sys/power/state executed as root (should be executed from script). However in ...


gnome-terminal won't run from there as there is no X server for it to connect to (it's running as root, not as your logged in user). gnome-terminal isn't needed and is overkill here anyway. Just run touch /home/u/Documents/qwert without gnome-terminal -e also: Make sure the script is executable (with chmod +x scriptname). Add #! /bin/sh or (#! /bin/bash ...

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