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Looking into the BIOS options, I found "Wake on lid open". Even if it says "Enabled" it does not always work. I found that when I upgrade the kernel, I have to go into the BIOS, select "Disabled", reboot, go into the BIOS again and select "Enabled". Amazingly, with this process the laptop wakes from suspend on battery as well.


I've solved this issue by installing new linux kernel "4.5.2-040502-generic" following this guidelines: Install new kernel (4.5.2): cd /tmp wget \


Here is an exactly same open issue on the site: Reboot upon wake from suspend - ASUS Zenbook UX305CA


For possible debbuging strategies, this is my advice: Test the disk extensively booting from a live Linux media. Having a read only disk, it is a bad symptom of media corruption. With (very) bad luck you have hard disk sector errors, however the fact that you are telling us the vmware image came from a crashed machine might mean that simply the underlying ...

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