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Warning: Don't use GParted to resize a multi-device BTRFS filesystem! Data loss likely to happen! Looks like GParted is the culprit. Apparently, it doesn't know how to resize multi-device btrfs filesystems and just runs btrfs filesystem resize but does not take care of each device using resize 1:49g and resize 2:49g. This is what btrfs filesystem show ...


Structures fetched from Ultrix 3.0 v7 of restor so variations can occur: The s5fs is rather archaic but ...: Disk layout could be something like: [B][S][Inode List][ Data Blocks ] | | | +-- Super Block +----- Boot Area The Super Block holds data for the file ...


If the first sector of the filesystem is undamaged, start with the file command. Pass the -s option so that it looks at the device content instead of just saying “it's a device”. file -s /dev/sdb3 The database used by file isn't the same as the database used by the kernel when mounting, so it can happen that file doesn't recognize a filesystem that the ...


By default, Fedora Installer creates LVM group, called like "fedora" or else. Try: # lvdisplay or # ls /dev/mapper/ Ones, you have lvm, you can't mount partition directly

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