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The point of a “graphical sudo” is to prompt for the user's password. If you don't want a password prompt, use plain sudo. Run visudo to create an entry in the sudoers file with the NOPASSWD tag. Note that this entry must come after any ALL entry. Make sure that the DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY environment variables are preserved, to allow running X11 ...


You can use SSH with X forwarding (-X) and a key without password. SSH has the useful feature that keys can be limited to one command. This could be a kind of sudo replacement: Prevent the user from doing as root what he wants; limit him to what he must be capable of doing.


It only checks access when you issue a specific command: sudo. It doesn't check for just any command whether you have the right to run it with root privileges. The sudo elevates your privileges then runs the other commands as such, without needing any additional checks. Quite often the setup is such that you have to be member of the sudo group (e.g. ...


runuser is a recent command, it appeared in util-linux 2.23. Ubuntu 14.04 ships util-linux 2.20, so it doesn't have this command yet. runuser isn't very useful. Just use su instead. Note that the command runuser user -c 'cd' doesn't actually do anything — the scope of cd does not extend to the next call to runuser. You'd have to use runuser user -c 'cd ...

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