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If your tty has the noflsh flag turned off - you can check with stty -a < /dev/pts/whatever | grep -e -noflsh from another tty, but the default is that it's turned off - then typing the interrupt, quit, or suspend character will flush the input queue. So if you type Ctrl-Z, then fg, it will suspend the currently running command, flush the input, then ...


Probably you should send SIGSTOP to bash in order to prevent it from doing anything, and after finishing your task send SIGKILL to bash. Note that SIGSTOP prevents bash from waiting for your task to be finished, and you'll get zombie. After SIGKILL init will reparent your task, and zombie will disappear.


I turned out that I needed to update a second OpenVPN config file to look for auth.dat. Now it works.


The terms you need in order to use some google-fu are 'redirection' which is what you're doing in process < input.txt and 'piping' which is what you're doing in cat input.txt | process Once you know this, you can find articles like this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/172982/what-is-the-difference-between-redirection-and-pipe which answers your ...


I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish: For each hit to the web site, which is logged by the web server: If the visit is "unique" (how do you define this??) log the entry and send an audible notification. The trick is how you define "unique". Is it by URL, by IP address, by cookie? Your approach with awk was arguably the right way to go, ...

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