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This post solves the problem.. Just need to update the kernel http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=113906


I found that the problem is sshfs trying to prevent other users (even root) from accessing my remote filesystem. Furthemore, accessing character devices (such as /dev/null) is problematic, and probably not what you want, because I guess that for example piping to /dev/null would effectively send bytes over the network. This is what I use now: mkdir ...


I'm pretty sure you also upgraded your kernel, right? Check the apt-get logs. If yes: reboot simple as that. You upgraded your kernel and now you're trying to load a kernel module which is too new for your kernel. Not that you asked, but: Beware that an echo <password> | .. will be normally saved to your password into ~/.bash_history. This is ...


You need to make sure that "/mount/point/I/want" and all the files and subdirectories have world readable permissions. Also, if you are not using a user/pass for the Windows machines to authenticate via SMB, then you will need to allow guest access to your share. Quick and dirty (assuming that you don't have any permissions that must remain as they are ...

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