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Based on @Hauke Laging's comment. When you run strace on the sshd binary it outputs debugging information on how the program starts and what files it tries to access. From which we can use grep to list the /etc/ files which it tries to access. $ sudo strace -e trace=file /usr/sbin/sshd |& grep '^open('|grep '/etc/' open("/etc/ld.so.cache", O_RDONLY) ...


Have you checked the profile files? ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile /etc/bashrc /etc/profile The previous admin could have left that quota part as his custom shell login.


Possibilities: sshd is reading a different config file from the one you've edited sshd is running in a chroot environment which doesn't include the file you specified sshd didn't really restart, perhaps because you have systemd and the init script for ssh exits when it realises upstart isn't running (in this case, use systemctl restart ssh.service). You're ...

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