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Try installing fail2ban from EPEL. It's packaged for CentOS 7 and you'll get updates as they are released. Installing the rpm form another repo may work (it did in this case) but is not the best way of doing things. First of all, install the EPEL repository by issuing the following (as root): yum install epel-release The above should install EPEL and ...


Let us say the chroot is in /path/to/chroot. Then you need: A directory etc in /path/to/chroot, and A file called passwd in /path/to/chroot/etc, with at least one entry: juser:x:5002:5002::/some/path:/some/shell And both: /path/to/chroot/some/path /path/to/chroot/some/shell (The shell must be present, along with any necessary libraries and such.)

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