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Change the name of the executable (note that that also affects PAM configuration). ln /path/to/sshd /path/to/sshd-whatever Start as /path/to/sshd-whatever. And define PAM configuration in /etc/pam.d/sshd-whatever. Log entries will show as sshd-whatever instead of sshd.


Configuring an SSH server to accept any password would be easy with PAM — put pam_permit on the auth stack, and voilà. The possibility of misconfiguring such an open system is inherent to the flexibility of PAM — since it lets you chain as many tests as you want, the possibility of doing 0 tests is unavoidable (at least without introducing weird exceptions ...


A # in sshd_config is interpreted as the beginning of a comment and everything following it is ignored. Although (according to sshd_config(5)) "" may be used to quote arguments containing spaces, they do not quote #. That also explains the error you get. sshd only passes the following to bash: if [[ -z $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND ]]; then bash; else printf " ...


After finding sshd process inoperative, I noticed that something similar is happening, but instead of a missing module, it was something with sshd_config. Check status of the daemon: user1@<host>:/usr/sbin > lssrc -s sshd Subsystem Group PID Status sshd ssh inoperative Attempt to ...

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