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I think this is what you want, in your .bashrc or .bash_profile alias cmdname="ssh -t me@intermediary.server.com ssh application.server.com" From man ssh: -t Force pseudo-tty allocation. This can be used to execute arbi- trary screen-based programs on a remote machine, which can be very useful, e.g., when implementing menu ...


I don't think the -f is actually causing your problem. I don't see anything wrong in your command, given the right circumstances, your command would work just fine. However if there is any stateful middlebox on the path between ssh client and ssh server, then if that middlebox loses state your ssh connection will die or stall. That means you need to take ...


You need to add: PasswordAuthentication no to your sshd_config (that's the server config)


Does the command below work? % ssh -o ProxyCommand='ssh -p 2222 userS@SERVER /usr/bin/nc %h %p' userD@DESKTOP If so, you can bake the proxycommand into your ~/.ssh/config to make scp and sshfs calls easier.

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