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Sounds like autossh (Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels) could be something for you: http://www.harding.motd.ca/autossh/ To keep tunnels alive, and to administrate them in general. Should be on most distros base repos, so just use one of the following: apt-get install autossh # deb pacman -S autossh # arch yum install autossh # rhel


It's ssh client that's working on your side (local), not sshd. pgrep -l ssh should list pids and names. If no clue, try netstat -tnp|grep -F ''. Or run lsof -itcp@ and find the pid and kill. Or ssh into the remote machine, and press ~C and enter on it's own line. You'll get ssh> prompt, type -h for help. ~# lists forwarded ...

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