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Try this: In cell C2 enter 2 and in cell C3 enter 3. In cell C4 enter =SUM(C2:C3). The result (which I tested to make sure) should show as 5. If this worked, then check what is in B2 through B8 to make sure that they are all numbers and that they add up to an integer other than zero. For example, one way to end up with 0 is by summing 0.1 and 0.2 and ...


You need to specify the range: =SUM(B2:B8) (in B10). As explained by Mark Stewart, SUM(B2,B8) is equivalent to B2+B8 — you'd use that form of SUM() if you had a specific list of disjoint cells to add (or disjoint cell ranges).

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