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From Brew install coreutils your commands will be accessible with g préfix so call gsplit


You could use the --filter option of split to invoke zip on each split file gunzip -c file.gz | split -l 500 -d -a 4 - pref_ --filter='zip $FILE'


tar can cope with partial archives after splitting. When you try to restore part of such an archive, it will skip over whatever it can't use at the start, and tell you about any partial file at the end; everything in between will be restored properly. You can instruct tar itself to split archives as it creates them, using the tape length options; see Create ...


You need to have shntool and cuetools installed. Also install the tta encoder and decoder from It needs to be compiled it with g++ and yasm. Same goes for .ape files, which are also often used instead of .tta. split and name .flac files: find . -name "*.cue" -execdir sh -c 'shnsplit -f "$1" -o flac -t "%n_%p-%t" ...

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