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This file has no extended attributes (actually ACLs), or more precisely, what you see in the owner@, group@ and everyone@ lines are the default ACLs for a 0700 file. Should you really want to remove for all users outside the owner even the ability to know the attributes of the file itself, you might at your own risks use these (untested on that file) ...


You can use this documentation. Pkg revert is the solution


Use -- to distinguish between options which start from - and filename or prepend file with ./. The safest is to use both: rm -- './-C'


ps -e gives the list of all the processes running. Also there's this ps -elf.


It may be slightly different in Solaris, but based on the Illumos source here, it looks like the value first displayed is since the process started and updates after that are since the last displayed value. The display updates every 5 seconds by default, but that can be specified.


Check where is installed this new ssl package and use --with-ssl=DIR when exec configure script


I know you already sorted it out a long time ago using the GUI but, for the record, the way to overcome from the command line the issue you experienced : # ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0/v4static ipadm: cannot create address: Persistent operation on temporary object is to turn interface persistence on by recreating it: # ipadm ...

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