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I've installed Apache on several Solaris boxes, and I'm pretty sure that the typical download of the Apache tar file, extract to a directory, cd to the directory, then ./configure make will create a 32 bit executable, with flags to use 64 bit integers. After you create the executable, you can just do a file httpd and verify you have a 32 bit binary. ...


cp -pPR If yours have them. Thats the same as the -a flag.


I think mpage will work for this. Use -1 single page mode and -H header which will include the page number. Obviously you will have to play around with this until you get what you desire.


Solution found # For some reason home and end keys are not mapping properly. # Home key imap <esc>OH <esc>0i cmap <esc>OH <home> nmap <esc>OH 0 # End key nmap <esc>OF $ imap <esc>OF <esc>$a cmap <esc>OF <end> http://ianrolfe.livejournal.com/39474.html


The * is interpreted by the shell before it reaches grep. Quote it: dtrace -l | grep 'creat*'

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