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1) do a reference: find . -type f -exec sum {} \; | sort -k3 > /my/reference.txt 2) do a run time check find . -type f -exec sum {} \; | sort -k3 | diff /my/reference.txt - where sort -k3 do a sorting on file name diff part will show file changed, added or deleted.


Perl needs a \r as well. perl -pi -e 's/^M//g' file1 ^^ - should be \r Although actually, you probably just want to stick with line endings. perl -pi -e 's,\r\n,\n,g' file1 Although actually - you don't need perl for this. sed is perfectly capable: sed -i.bak -e 's,\r\n$,\n,g' file1


You need to use \r, not ^M to match carriage return characters. ^M has removed all M characters at the beginning of the line, so you may want to check your file is still OK...


Solaris patches are available on support.oracle.com to customers with an Oracle Solaris support contract. However, 'withdrawn patch 110910-04105' is not a valid Solaris patch name, even for a withdrawn patch - you can't find it because someone gave you the wrong name.


Use tar to create tarball of directory and run sum on it then. tar cf - <directory name> | sum -


You will have to find the process that's writing to the unlinked (not deleted!) file(s). All the Unix and Unix-a-like operating systems allow a process to keep open files that have no name in a directory. That's fallout from the design of Unix filesystems, where the on-disk data structure that holds permissions and disk blocks of a file's data (the inode) is ...


On Solaris tar works differently. So either use gtar from GNU or use tar cf - and then the solution from Miline: tar cf - folder | sum P.S.: I don't have 50 reputation yet to be able to comment - that's why I posted another answer.


arcfour128 and arcfour256 are not supported by Sun SSH on Solaris 10. Try: ssh -c arcfour256 somehost You'll likely get: Unknown cipher type 'arcfour256' You will need to remove them from your Ciphers list. Alternately, install OpenSSH if you really need them.

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