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There is an option for exiv2 to delete image metadata. By default, the exiv2 subcommand rm (or delete) removes Exif thumbnails and JPEG comments also, additional to the ones you mention (EXIF, IPTC, XMP): $ exiv2 rm test.jpg Use the option -d to delete only parts of the metadata. From man exiv2: -d tgt Delete target(s) for the 'delete' action. Possible ...


rabbitvcs-nautilus is fully integrated and it's a plugin for nautilus.


Audacity has a metadata editing tool, which can be shown when exporting files or by going to 'File'>'Edit metadata': Note I think this uses ID3v2.4 tags (in Mp3), which are not compatible with some devices (and flippin Windows, even Win8...). Easytag however does have an options to use ID3v2.3, which should be compatible. See also: ...

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