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SqliteMan is a good tool.Very Rich in features plus its available in the ubuntu software center.


You could try SeaLion. It is a cloud based Linux server monitoring tool. It functions really well on CentOS 5.1(I'm using it). You might want to check the python dependency though(2.6+). Once this is done it's a cakewalk. Installation takes just seconds and UI is clean and simple. It gives a bird's eye view of all the servers so will be of great use to you. ...


TBO can do this, although it hasn't been updated in awhile. It isn't available from the official Ubuntu repositories but can be installed from GetDeb


If you are looking for a ``classical'' GUI based slides making tool. Aside of Libre Office(or Open Office), there is a new option coming in recent years, i.e., WPS Office, by Kingsoft. Essentially it both looks and works like MS Office. So most people won't have much problem transiting. But since you are a Keynote user, I am not totally sure how you like the ...

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