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The obvious difference is: Intent Bitmap : Internal Is it possible that the mdadm versions have different defaults for whether or not the intent bitmap is enabled? As I understand it, the internal intent bitmap uses a portion of the disks to store what it is about to write, so it doesn't need to validate every block, when it rebuilds should you replace a ...


All the differences are covered here RAID wiki on kernel.org. The page is titled: RAID superblock formats. The version 0.90 and 1.2 formats of the superblock are covered there as well. The on-disk layouts are covered there as well. The version-1 superblock format on-disk layout


As for TLER being dangerous, I think not. In fact, I still can't believe that this feature ever even was needed; no drive should take that long retrying. Even just 7 seconds is enough for even a slow 5400 rpm drive to retry several hundred times. If you can't get it right after several, let alone several hundred tries, then you aren't ever going to.


You are asking about size ... so yes size overhead. My best guess is that the extra parity requires some sort of extra index or something (without knowing much of the inside of RAID6). We are talking about 370+ MB for a 8.3 TB ... this is less than 0.005% of the total space!

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