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I found the following in the commit message that introduced the tagging. To control what sockets of what UIDs are tagged by what, one uses: echo t $sock_fd $accounting_tag $the_billed_uid > /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/ctrl So whenever an skb (socket buffer) belongs to a sock_fd, it will be accounted against $the_billed_uid and matching stats will show up under ...


Maybe you can have a look at socat. Example: socat -u tcp-listen:50505,reuseaddr - | P | socat -u - tcp-listen:60606,reuseaddr where P is your programm taking the input on port 50505 and forwarding the output to port 60606. The example is borrowed from Redirect stdin and stdout to ports


You can't “open a PTY to a program”. A PTY is a pseudo-terminal; it requires a terminal end. If you want to communicate with a program directly via a terminal, the program would need to create a terminal (i.e. to behave like a terminal emulator). Instead, you can run the program in a terminal, such as screen. Screen makes it easy to inject input and read ...


I don't think it has to do with graceful or fast shutdown, since I've been using graceful stop and I'm also having this problem. In my case, I've noticed the possibly related/additional problem that nginx continues to try to connect to a long-since-defunct socket, even after the socket and all the calls to it have been deleted (at least so far as files that ...

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