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The path/to/unix_socket is a filesystem location that you can choose to hold a socket for communication from a client to the daemon. Think of a socket as being a bi-directional pipe or file that has a reader/writer (listener) and a writer/reader (talker). The p0f daemon will create the socket in the place that you specify. As concrete examples, it could be ...


Packets dropped could be seen from netstat,ethtool outputs. For UDP packet drops check output of 'netstat -us'. Packets are also dropped at NIC layer itself, which could be seen via 'ethtool -S <device_name>' Example outputs: $ netstat -us IcmpMsg: InType3: 44 InType8: 5 InType13: 1 InType17: 3 InType37: 1 OutType0: 5 ...


This previous post seems to be a long way toward a solution: Automating web requests using curl?


You can't discover who opened the socket, but a program can't open a file in another program, so the socket either was opened by the process you're tracing (or one of ancestors that later forked), or was already open when you invoked the program (which is unlikely if this is a socket used by the program). So look further up in the trace until you find the ...

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