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A free account at SageMath Cloud may fit your purpose. My account allows me to upload/download programs and compile/run them on a Ubuntu box located in the USA. The purpose of SageMath.org is to provide free, open source math software. The website is based on Python, but Python is not the only programming language available. In particular, an interactive ...


Google Compute Engine allows you to provision a Linux VM in your chosen region which you can then ssh into with root privileges. It's cheap and you can get $300 worth of usage as a free trial.


In BSD derived systems the canonical way to investigate the open file descriptors in another running process is to use the fstat(1) command (using the -p option to specify the process ID of interest). From the fstat output it may be possible to tell if the peer has closed a TCP connection. However if the problem is actually a bug in a program you have ...

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