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I've changed the following configuration file /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf pwcheck_method: saslauthd mech_list: PLAIN LOGIN This now allows authentication to work correctly.


Edit your sendmail.mc and add: define (`SMART_HOST', `your.smarthost')dnl FEATURE (`authinfo')dnl Create the file /etc/mail/authinfo with content: AuthInfo:your.smarthost "U:username" "P:password" Make new sendmail config: If you have sendmail-cf package installed: make -C /etc/mail Otherwise cd /etc/mail m4 ./sendmail.mc > ./sendmail.cf ...


dhag was on the right lines. It was squirrelmail wrapping the lines, when I exported the email it had no wrapping. Later I found a setting under options, which when I set really high took away the wrapping for my cron job logs. But this has the side effect that now all your emails are not wrapped up to that limit, unless the sender has manual new lines ...

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