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In case anybody has the same issue - you might want to checkout if you've got glibc-locale-32bit and perl-Text-Iconv installed on your machine. The issue has nothing to do with qt as some people have suggested on other topics on the net.


There're builtin application restriction approaches, you don't have to run it within a container. Take a look at apparmor, it should fit all your needs. e.g what file it can read / write, what binaries it can execute


I had a similar issue and used the following steps: $ sudo yum update --skip-broke $ sudo yum remove epel-release.noarch $ sudo yum update NOTE: you may need to remove other conflicting repositories.


SkypeTroubleshooting article in Ubuntu's Help Wiki solved the issue very neatly. I used the "older Ubuntu versions" instructions. Skype has been known to mess up the mixer settings. So disable the automatic configuration of the mixer controls in Skype: right-click with your mouse on the Skype icon in the system tray - Options - Sound Devices - ...

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