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well after much searching I found the the xprop command which returns the information I was looking for. available_screen=$(xprop -root | grep -e 'NET_WORKAREA(CARDINAL)') #get available screen dimensions available_screen=${available_screen##*=} #strip off beginning text current_screen_width=$(echo $available_screen | cut -d ',' -f3 | sed -e 's/^[ ...


On server2: [ `ssh server1 "stat -f -c '%b' /u01/oradata/PRD/data"` -gt `stat -f -c '%b' /u01/oradata/TST/data` ] && (echo Alert | mail root@wherever ) Assuming you have GNU coreutil's stat(1) installed.


These are basically two different calculations of "M" (megabytes or mebibytes) The SI prefix "mega" means 10^6, which seems to be what Finder uses. The actual file size of your example is somewhere around 360,400,000 bytes. However, in computing it's also common to use the binary prefix "mebi" which is 2^20 (1048576). If you take 360,400,000 and divide by ...


The original cdrtools are available at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cdrtools/files/ If you have wodím, you do not have a real cdrecord but a fork created by some unfriendly Debian people based on the state of May 2004. At that time, -minfo was not yet available. -minfo was added around Autumn 2004 and enhanced since then, e.g. to support DVDs and ...

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