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I have an alternate solutions for this situation. Lets say you have 1000 inodes in a partition of 10G. But due to inodes limit you are not suppose to use all space of partition. But in this solutions you will be able to use the remaining space of the partition without formatting it. $ df -i # see list ( I need just one free inode here so move just one file ...


Buildroot If you are willing to go through a compiling process and cut down on features, you could try buildroot. I created a very basic Linux install (essentially just the kernel, minimal Busybox utilities and one extra application) which fit into a 6MB ISO image. The key here is to reduce the kernel and Busybox configuration ("make linux-nconfig" and ...


OpenWrt is also one of the smallest.


Tomsrtbt is a couple megabytes; it fits on a floppy.


Depending on your platform, ttylinux is maybe something for you: This smallest ttylinux system has an 8 MB file system and runs on i486 computers within 28 MB of RAM, but provides a complete command line environment and is ready for Internet access. Started in 2001 and latest release is from 2015-03-05 so it is still maintained.


The small distro that comes to mind is "Damn Small Linux", with a size of 50 MB (link, wiki) But also there's even smaller distro "Tiny Core Linux" which is about 15 MB (link, wiki)

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