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oh-my-zsh enable two things, which cause this behavior: AUTO_CD: If command can not execute, and command is a directory name, perform cd to that directory CDABLE_VARS: If the argument to a cd command (or an implied cd with the AUTO_CD option set) is not a directory, and does not begin with a slash, try to expand the expression as if it were preceded by a ~ ...


where is a shell builtin command in csh where where where is a shell built-in the builtin is also available in zsh.


The only shells I know which has a builtin command called where is the tcsh and zsh. In the manual page of that shell (man tcsh / man zshbuiltins), you can find the definition: where command (+) Reports all known instances of command, including aliases, builtins and executables in path. Therefore it is the tcsh-equivalent of the ...

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