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File management is handled at kernel level, not user space. This means that the kernel will ensure that there is no file corruption when 2 programs try to read or write the same file at the same time, including daemon or any other application. So I would say that it depends on the filesystem that you are using, but not on the number of daemons accessing the ...


You can add to the sftp command the option -o NumberOfPasswordPrompts=1 to stop it asking twice for passwords. You might usefully also try -o ConnectTimeout=20 -o ConnectionAttempts=1


Works for me, so you will need to provide more information about the problem: chris@localhost$ finger 2> file.txt chris@localhost$ sftp remotehost Connected to remotehost. sftp> ls -l file.txt Can't ls: "/home/chris/file.txt" not found sftp> ls -l file.tmp Can't ls: "/home/chris/file.tmp" not found # So the file doesn't exist on the remote in ...

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