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Appending this line to sshd_config helped in my case (PyCharm and Ubuntu 14.04 via Docker): KexAlgorithms=diffie-hellman-group1-sha1


$ inotifywait -m /tmp Setting up watches. Watches established. /tmp/ CREATE file.ext.filepart /tmp/ OPEN file.ext.filepart /tmp/ MODIFY file.ext.filepart /tmp/ CLOSE_WRITE,CLOSE file.ext.filepart /tmp/ CREATE file.ext /tmp/ DELETE file.ext.filepart Transcript from running $ echo hello >/tmp/file.ext.filepart $ ln /tmp/file.ext.filepart /tmp/file.ext ...


The original problem (based on reading all comments to the OP question) was that the scp executable on the 64-bit system was a 32-bit application. A 32-bit application that isn't compiled with "large-file support" ends up with seek pointers that are limited to 2^32 =~ 4GB. You may tell if scp is 32-bit by using the file command: file `which scp` On most ...

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