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You can try to delete /var/lock/LCK..ttyS4, using rm. As I understand, you need to unlock the device in a such way.


Each type of USB device sends data in its own way. It's up to the driver to decide what to do with the data. For data sent through a serial device, simply read from /dev/ttyUSBn. </dev/ttyUSB0 awk ' {data += $0} /record end/ {print $0 | "process-one-record #" NR} '


(By the way, I've never seen the spelling "GeTTY". I don't think it's correct.) The short answer is that you can disable getty by commenting it out in /etc/inittab and running init q to reread configuration. Unless you're using systemd or Upstart but since you didn't say so I'll assume you aren't. The longer answer is that your setup has an intrinsic ...

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