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There is a driver that replaces the standard driver for the ISA UART 16550 chip on IBM-compatible PCs (documentation), but this does not work on different architectures. To connect an existing /dev/tty* device with ALSA, try a daemon such as ttyMIDI.


A UART is a Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter. It is a device which takes parallel bits of data, as found in the computer, and serializes them to send over a medium such as a wire or the airwaves. It also takes data in in serial form and assembles it into a parallel form to be used in the computer. Here is the Wikipedia article and here is ...


CTRL+D is meaningless here - it's just another byte. This is because your serial terminal is not configured to handle it. Specifically, you're effectively in raw-mode, or Non-Canonical Input Mode. See the -icanon flag in your stty -a output? That cinches it. Here's how POSIX describes a terminal should consider an EOF character: EOF Special character on ...


The EOT character does not mark the end of a file. A file can contain arbitrary bytes. Typing Ctrl+D on a terminal makes the application think that the end of the file has come. The application does not read a Ctrl+D (EOT) character, it sees an end-of-file indication. The interpretation of Ctrl+D as end-of-input character is performed by the terminal driver ...

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