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Edit your sendmail.mc and add: define (`SMART_HOST', `your.smarthost')dnl FEATURE (`authinfo')dnl Create the file /etc/mail/authinfo with content: AuthInfo:your.smarthost "U:username" "P:password" Make new sendmail config: If you have sendmail-cf package installed: make -C /etc/mail Otherwise cd /etc/mail m4 ./sendmail.mc > ./sendmail.cf ...


To put multiple addresses on the To: or Cc: or Bcc: line, separate them by a comma (plus optional spaces). There are mail readers that allow typing a semicolon to separate addresses and show addresses separated by semicolons, but this is not standard syntax. From: sendmail To: person01@gmail.com, person02@gmail.com Subject: Did You Both Receive It? You ...


You can use the To: header several times. I was a little skeptical about it, but I just tried it on a SMTP server, and it accepted it. So, instead of sending... From: sendmail To: person01@gmail.com Cc: person02@gmail.com Subject: Did You Both Receive It? I hope you did ... you could send: From: sendmail To: person01@gmail.com To: person02@gmail.com ...


The first version (D...) is a "raw" sendmail.cf content. The second version (define(...)) is recommended sendmail.mc content to generate the above "raw" version in sendmail.cf. You should use the second set of lines in your sendmail.mc.


Solution found http://support.hp.com/id-en/document/c00916394 Must use egd:/dev/urandom,not file,using /dev/random give an error Here's the correct mc file divert(0)dnl VERSIONID(`$Id: generic-hpux10.mc,v 8.13 2001/05/29 17:29:52 ca Exp $') OSTYPE(hpux11)dnl DOMAIN(generic)dnl define(`_X400_UUCP_')dnl define(`_MASQUERADE_ENVELOPE_')dnl ...


Get random package from here As far as I remember HP-UX do not provide /dev/random or /dev/udandom devices

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