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1) Remove b flag from Modifiers in DAEMON_OPTONS in sendmail.mc b bind to interface through which mail has been received for outgoing message Old: DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA,Port=smtp,Modifiers=bh') New: DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA,Port=smtp,Modifiers=h') 2) generate new sendmail.cf file from modified sendmail.mc 3) restart/reload sendmail daemon


Sendmail: Forcing delivery of queuened messages in verbose mode As root push delivery of the queened messages in verbose mode with full SMTP transcript. use mailq to get queueid-s (queueue identifiers of the messages) use sendmail -v -qI... to push the choosen message in verbose mode e.g. sendmail -v -qIt5PGrXAh030113


If you are configuring a mail server, it should be able to send mail just about anywhere on its own. It may be a relay server for your own netwwork, but should not relay from the Internet to the Internet. For a properly configured mail server you will need: A domain to configure the mail server within. While you can call the host the mail server runs ...


For me on Ubuntu 14.04 that solved the problem: $ sudo nano /etc/hostname Change your host name to something like my-domain.XXX Where XXX = .com OR .net OR .some Then sudo sendmailconfig updated all the rest You can test your configuration so: $ sendmail -v username@privateDomain.ext < test.mail I used my private domain email box as services such ...

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