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As mentioned, that many mails are probably spam. You run a real risk of being blacklisted. ie ALL your mail being blocked on the internet. Read the input from the file. #!/bin/bash while read line do # change this echo to what you want. echo $line; done < "inputlines.txt" You will need to change the input for lines rather than comma's. sed -e ...


I do not familier with mailx but I think you can use sed to get the output command you want then using ' | sh ' trick. eg: echo ls -> this cmd will print ls in to console echo ls | sh -> this is equivalent with ls


If possible I would consider using a service to send emails to your list. There are a lot of issues to consider in order to make sure your email gets delivered. When you start sending to that big of a list you might easily be classified as spam by people and algorithms alike. I know mailgun and mailchimp are two places that have services like this.


First of all, /var/spool/mail/root is the mail spool file, where mail delivered to the local root user will be written. If this file doesn't exist when the first mail for root enter the system, it will be created automatically. So if the file doesn't exist yet, I see different cause to check : Improprer permission in /var/spool/mail/root. Example ...

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