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sandbox -M -i test cat test worked for me


You can specify a transition in a custom policy file (.te) like this: module collectdlocalexec 1.0; require { type collectd_t; type user_home_t; type unconfined_t; type shell_exec_t; class capability {setgid setuid }; class file { execute read open }; class process transition; } allow collectd_t ...


If your distro packages the ifconfig_selinux man page (Fedora has it in selinux-policy-devel), it'll tell you: The following file types are defined for ifconfig: ifconfig_exec_t - Set files with the ifconfig_exec_t type, if you want to transition an executable to the ifconfig_t domain. Paths: /bin/ip, /sbin/ip, /sbin/tc, ...


On Linux and ext4 file system, a hacky way to prevent directories (and not other types of files) from being created is to rely on the fact that newly created directories inherit the default ACL entries from their parent directory (in addition to the corresponding non-default ACL entries) while files only get assigned the corresponding non-default ACL entries ...

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