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btrfs has implemented the find-new command against subvolumes for years. If you keep a relatively up-to-date snapshot tree, it can be used to atomically watch a filesystem for all changes with little fuss. You would use it like: btrfs sub find-new /chk/path [gen-id] You can get the gen-id you need for comparison with the same command, but using a bogus ...


I was also searching for the "Search Everything" tool for linux and discovered "Search Monkey" in the Ubuntu repository. LOVE IT! It's light weight, loads quick, wild card searches produces tons of results instantly, plus it has filters and advanced search methods. I now have my "Everything" search tool back for linux!


gPDFText converts ebook PDF content into ASCII text, reformatted for long line paragraphs, It works for me and it has a graphical interface.


You have to update your system database I think with updatedb command

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