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I found that aptitude has a search feature. aptitude search firefox Linux Mint and many other distros come with aptitude preinstalled. But if you don't already have it use the following command. sudo apt-get install aptitude


This one is easy: grep -E "199[5-9]" does the job. It is easy, because the intended number range matches a character code range. For a more complicated example, e.g., 1998-2003, you will have to split the range appropriately: grep -E "199[8-9]|200[0-3]"


As mentioned by @shirish, mlocate does not index file permissions. But stil I have some suggestions for you: Firstly, from find manual, -perm +mode is deprecated, so you should use -perm /mode instead. -perm +mode Deprecated, old way of searching for files with any of the permission bits in mode set. You should use -perm /mode instead. Trying to ...


Unfortunately, mlocate does not index file permissions, so you'll have to resort to scanning your filesystems with find, unless you find a locate implementation that features this functionality (or extend mlocate yourself).

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