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If you are using mkfs.ext4, you have to pass -E root_owner=your_uid:your_gid, this is usually passed in an 'extra options' textbox in gui partition tools. If you dont do this (< mkfs 1.42) then the person running the gui tool will get the permissions. Nowdays, for security, it assigns them to root:root (0:0). If you ever go back to fat32 or ntfs, you ...


LVM is not overkill if you have 17 partitions. (IMHO) As for the partition limit, it just happens to be the default. Probably no one expected that many partitions on a device that used to have only a few megs. /usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt: 179 block MMC block devices 0 = /dev/mmcblk0 First SD/MMC card ...

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