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Solution: dd if='input_file.bin' \ of='/dev/sd{X}' \ bs={desired write block size} \ seek={start offset in bytes} \ count={write size in bytes} \ oflag=seek_bytes \ iflag=count_bytes From the man page: count_bytes treat 'count=N' as a byte count (iflag only) ... seek_bytes treat ...


We had a problem with our SD, ext2 root file-system being corrupted on unexpected power fails. First of all, we make the system run with a read-only root mount. Since we needed some writeable storage (but we were not data logging) we set up a second partition as writeable. To minimise the FS damage on unexpected power fail we made this an ext3 partition, ...


See: http://android.serverbox.ch/?p=1273 Although I had to copy the uImage-xxx and rename it to uImage and put it into boot. Also see: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/beagleboard/jqReCTG_L44 To make an image work for BeagleBone.

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