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or as mentioned on: http://www.maketecheasier.com/enable-two-finger-scrolling-in-linux-mint/ just go to mouse and touchpad settings > touchpad > under scrolling > panel layout > select "two panel scrolling" in drop down menu


The only horizontal scrolling commands scroll by half a screenful, but you can pass a numeric argument to specify the number of characters, e.g. typing 4 Right scrolls to the right by 4 characters. Less doesn't really have a notion of “current line” and doesn't split a line into words, so there's no way to scroll by a word at a time. You can define a ...


An alternative is to use the most pager. In most, no-wrap (-S) is the default and Right scrolls one column to the right instead of a half screen. Use > or Tab to scroll faster. Another alternative is the w3m pager (also one of the best terminal web browsers) where you can use <, > as well, and ,, . for finer-grain scrolling (same keys on qwerty ...


Type a number, which is the number of columns you want to scroll to, then hit the arrow key. Source: List of useful `less` functions

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