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This is not an answer but a suggestion on how you might find the answer. Try running xev, You should be able to confirm that scrolling up/down in the xev window produces logs with mouse button 4 and 5 e.g.: ButtonRelease event, serial 46, synthetic NO, window 0x4000001, root 0xc4, subw 0x0, time 169151426, (78,60), root:(142,831), state 0x800, ...


The setting you're looking for is gtk-primary-button-warps-slider: Whether a click in a GtkRange trough should scroll to the click position or scroll by a single page in the respective direction. Flags: Read / Write Default value: TRUE TRUE means "scroll to the click position" and FALSE means "scroll by a single page". To change the setting, ...


Use stty stop undef and stty start undef. This way, C-s and C-q are being freed for other purposes, but ScrLock still controls flow. This might be shell and/or terminal-specific, though.


As this post from Arch Linux Forums suggested, the problem was with VirtualBox rather than any other component. Simply disabling automatic mouse integration fixed the problem. I'm not sure exactly why this is causing problems. An even better answer would of course be one that solves this without disabling automatic mouse integration.

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