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This fairly standard awk should be ok on AIX awk '{if(NR>1 && NR%24==1)system("sleep 20");print}' As mentioned in the comments, if you want to exit on interrupt, you can replace the system() by {if(system("sleep 20"))exit} but it might not work on your OS.


#!/usr/bin/env expect set timeout 20 spawn -noecho man autoexpect while 1 { expect { timeout { send " " } -ex "(END)" { exit } } }


Control_L, Up, Control_L|Button4 Control_L, Down, Control_L|Button5 Shift_L, Up, Shift_L|Button4 Shift_L, Down, Shift_L|Button5 in your .imwheelrc should do the trick. Be sure to restart imwheel for the changes to take effect. Note that starting imwheel multiple times leads to undefined behavior. EDIT As per feedback from the OP, the key is to ...


This happens because of synaptics option CoastingSpeed. Setting to zero prevented it. in configuration: Option "CoastingSpeed" "0" on command line: synclient CoastingSpeed=0 (this will not persist after reboot)


Feature is called "Coasting speed". To disable it you can use: xinput --set-prop --type=float "<your device>" "Synaptics Coasting Speed" 0 0 to list devices you can use: xinput list alternative variant (for touchpads) is synclient options (there are 3 of them): CornerCoasting = 0 CoastingSpeed = 0 CoastingFriction = 0

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