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Using the wait command $ sleep 10 & [1] 29703 $ wait 29703 && echo hello [1]+ Done sleep 10 hello


real-time process in case of hard real-time, that are processes that never expire. So it is obviously that they can't exist in expired queue. However kernel 2.4 does not guarantee real-time capabilities, so you need an patched kernel. For soft real-time it is possible.


Just source the conf file in your bash script and use mpg123 to play the mp3. For example in ~/.music-cron: TARGET_MP3="$HOME/file.mp3" And in the bash script: . "$HOME/.music-cron" mpg123 $TARGET_MP3 Then use cron to schedule the script every two hours and after the system boots up: 0 */2 * * * /path/to/script.sh @reboot sleep 60 && ...


Cron is used to schedule a job to run repeatedly. What you want is at, which schedules a job to run one-time. For your example you can write: at midnight This will bring up an interactive prompt where you can enter /tmp/script.sh followed by Ctrl+D.


It will shutdown your system at 12:00 : $ sudo shutdown -h 12:00 Options: -h, -P, --poweroff Power-off the machine. -r, --reboot Reboot the machine. -c Cancel a pending shutdown.

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