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Where does Samba 4 store user passwords? In it's own (integrated) LDAP-server in the attribute unicodePwd. This attribute is not available through LDAP (e.g. ldapsearch does not show it). But you can use for example ldbsearch to view the attribute. How can I import my password hashes from Samba 3 in Samba 4? You should use Samba Classic Upgrade, ...


If this busybox comes with findfs you can do mount $(findfs UUID=cb586ec4-e121-437c-83db-e46df501e046) /mnt/dest mount $(findfs LABEL=foobar) /mnt/dest Otherwise you'll just have to find room for a better version of busybox I guess? You can download some precompiled ones for various architectures here: http://www.busybox.net/downloads/binaries/latest/


You cannot copy the file because smbclient / smbget do not check size of file after it is opened. It has nothing to do with permissions. You should check how is it done in dolphin (kde file manager) because it CAN copy remote files from proc even if they report zero size). You can obtain source code via git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kde-baseapps but I'm ...

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