Sabayon Linux is an Italian Linux distribution that is based on Gentoo Linux, but unlike Gentoo it is designed to work "out of the box" and can work with both binary and source software packages.

Sabayon Linux is an Italian Linux distribution, originally developed by Fabio Erculiani, that is essentially a beginner-friendly alternative to Gentoo Linux (). It is more beginner-friendly as unlike Gentoo Linux it works "out of the box" (that is, as soon as it is installed it is able to be used without any further configuration or software installation), can be installed via a live medium (for example, a live CD or live USB) and can install not only source software packages, but it can also install binary software packages. Compared to its upstream source, it has the following unique features:

  • The Entropy Package Manager (Equo, Rigo): this is the package manager Sabayon uses to install pre-compiled binary packages. It has been installed by default in Sabayon since version 6 (which was released in 2011). Equo is the command-line version of Entropy, while Rigo its the graphical user interface to Entropy.
  • ISO downloads from their website containing the five official flavours of Sabayon, each with their own user interface. There is one for each of the following: Fluxbox (called "SpinBase"), GNOME, KDE, Xfce and Bash ("Minimal").
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